Market- Second Hand Smoke

This is an anthology that is really close to my heart, and since I finally finished Starting Chains, I’ll be sending a piece in.  Second hand smoke is an anthology dedicated to raising awareness about the dangers of second hand smoke.

This one really hits home for me, guys.  My mom was a smoker, and I can tell you, it effected my life.  Like I was only five pounds and almost didn’t make it to my first birthday effected.  If you’ve got a story like mine, try it out here.

Genre- Nonfiction, about the effects of second hand smoke.  Preferably personal anecdotes.

Word Count-Not specified

Submission Date- September 15

Wait time- Not specified

Payout- Publication

Check the full submission guideline here.  You’ll be sending your submissions to

This is a really important topic, guys.  Let’s help get the word out.

Any luck with this market, or any other?  Let me know at, and I’ll post it on the monthly brag board, on the last day of the month. 

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