Get your free world building printable!

In the spirit of talking about world building, I made you all a little present.  It’s pretty cool, I don’t mind telling you.

See, world building can get frustrating.  I always feel like I’m forgetting something until I go to write about it in my book.

That’s why I made you a super awesome free printable called Building A Brand New World From Scratch!

Here’s the link to download!

Building A Brand New World From Scratch

Now, I have never, ever made a printable before, so I could really use some feedback on this, guys.  Do you like it?  Did it work?  Is this something that you found valuable?  Let me know so that I can make more super awesome stuff for you!

Published by Nicole Luttrell

I'm a writer, mom, step mom, comic book nerd, lover of books. Other places to find me are twitter, and Pinterest.

4 thoughts on “Get your free world building printable!

  1. What a wonderful idea. Having all your information in one place would be a vital resource for anyone working on a longer work of fiction. I’ll definitely be making use of the printable.


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