Check This Out- Write Naked

If the title sounds familiar, yes I did mention this site a few weeks ago on Market.  It’s a great site to submit guests posts to and get paid for it. However, there were a lot of things I didn’t get to mention about Write Naked when I was talking about it as a freelanceContinue reading “Check This Out- Write Naked”

Check This Out- Writer Unboxed

If you’re looking for a new writing blog, well, this is often a good place to find them. I am a huge blog junkie. Anything that can teach me to be a better writer, I will read it. This week, Writer Unboxed is my new favorite. It’s simple, but full of such inspirational work. JustContinue reading “Check This Out- Writer Unboxed”

Check this out- Blots and Plots

How’s that for a super cute name for a writing blog?  I found Blots and Plots on Pintrest, (blogger tip, use Pintrest, guys!)  It’s run by a girl named Jenny Bravo, which is enough to make me howl.  (Johnny Bravo.  Does anyone else remember that cartoon?  Ohhhh, Man.) She’s a self published author, who’s bookContinue reading “Check this out- Blots and Plots”