Check this out- Blots and Plots

How’s that for a super cute name for a writing blog?  I found Blots and Plots on Pintrest, (blogger tip, use Pintrest, guys!)  It’s run by a girl named Jenny Bravo, which is enough to make me howl.  (Johnny Bravo.  Does anyone else remember that cartoon?  Ohhhh, Man.)

She’s a self published author, who’s book is coming out next month.  She’s someone who has gone the mile, forged the path, and is ready to show you how.  Also, her website is boss.  I love her graphics, they make me jealous.

Of course, it’s her writing that really got my attention.  It has to be the writing.  Her most recent post was called 10 Things Finishing A Novel Taught Me About Writing.  I devoured it.  It really made me think about the books that I’ve finished, am finishing, will finish.  I equally love the pieces she does about self promotion.  It’s something even traditionally published writers will have to deal with to some degree, so it’s important to know.

More than informational, Blots and Plots is fun to read.  She’s currently posting chapters of her prequel novel.  This is something important to notice.  She wrote a book, set to promoting it, and started right away on another one.

All in all, Blots and Plots is everything I want to be in a writing blog.  It’s great looking, fun to read, and the articles inspire me to be a better writer.  Check it out.

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