Don’t wish away the bad times.

I don’t often talk about my day job, for a lot of reasons. I like my job and I have a lot of respect for the company that I work for. But I try to keep a wall between my writing life and my day job life. I’m only going to touch on it a little bit today.

I’ll be working an extra half day for the next two months. That means that I’ll be working six days a week for the next two months.

I volunteered for this because it’s needed. I also like money.

But I also know that working six days a week for two months is going to suck!

I found myself wishing it was already April so that this time of extra work would be behind me. But then I realized something.

That’s a crazy amount of time to wish away!

Think about this. I was wishing away two months of my life. Think about what’s going to happen in those months.

Evenings with my family, full of dinner and watching X-Files.

Crocheting time.

Helping my girls make their blankets for their hope chests.

Writing time.

Reading time.

Waking up in the morning early and making a good cup of coffee.

Going on walks with the family as the weather gets better.

Gossiping and joking with my coworkers.

Lunch breaks full of reading funny things on Instagram.

Celebrating Chinese New Year with my family.

Celebrating the start of Spring.

I think we forget sometimes how much life we live, even on work days. There are so many happy moments, no matter what obligations you have.

So take my advice. Don’t wish away your days, any of your days. Because there is so much good in life that you’ll miss out by waiting for better times.


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