Hard Times

Today’s cover art is by Colin Behrens.

I spent a lot of time staring at my computer screen this past week. It was hard to get words out, hard to put them into the world. 

I try to put out good things. Light, funny, informative, informational. That’s what I bring to the world, I hope. 

Right now it’s really hard to see the light, let alone shine it around. 

That’s not normally me. Normally I can see the brightness in everything. I rely heavily on the Yin Yang for comfort, as it reminds me that there is a little good in every bad and a little bad in every good. That’s the way of the universe. 

So I’m trying to find the good right now. It’s hard when the people who are meant to protect us are turning against us. It’s hard because I never thought I’d see the sort of things I’m seeing right now on American soil. I never thought I’d see peaceful protestors teargassed by an American president so he can blaspheme the bible in front of a church. I am angry, scared, embarrassed. I want so badly to help.

There is light, though. Even as this year gets worse and worse by the day, there is light to be found. We just have to dig a little harder.

Here’s the light I see. Let me reflect it to you so that you can reflect it to others.

All across America, people are standing up for our fellow man. We’re standing up and saying that we will not accept this way of life. We will not allow innocent people to be murdered in the street by police officers. We will protect and defend. We will join hands (metaphorically) and stand together. We will, above all, insist on justice being served.

If you can protest safely, please do. If you can donate to charities helping to pay bail for protestors, please do that. 

No matter who you are, you can let your voice be heard. Share reliable information online. If you see something happening, film it and share it. Share kind words. Defend people being bullied or terrorized, online or in life. Reach out to your local representatives and let them know you demand justice. If someone around you behaves or speaks as though this doesn’t impact them, let them know that they are wrong.

We are not safe if one of us is in danger. We are not at peace if one of us is hunted. We must protect each other as citizens of America. As citizens of the world. We have an obligation to help each other.

And if it’s hard to find the light, please remember these words from John Stewart. 

These are hard times. But they are not end times.

We’ll weather these hard times together. If you need help, or if you’re having trouble finding a way to help, please reach out to me. 

I’ll do what I can.


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