Calling all writers and artists to support BLM

Today’s cover art is from Pexels.

I’m looking for authors, musicians and visual artists to help me out with something. 

The Black Lives Matter movement is doing the good work we need to see in the world right now. They’re organizing peaceful protests and standing up for all of us. No one should be afraid of the police. We need serious reform in our country, and we need it now.

To do this, Black Lives Matter needs our support. That’s why I’m asking for your help today.

I’d like to gather together a collection of artists for a fundraiser. The plan is simple.

Step one, create a work of art to share with the public during our drive. 

Step two. If you can, offer a giveaway during the drive. Encourage your fans to donate to BLM for a chance to win. Please let me know in the comments or email me at if you want to participate or if you just have any questions. 

These protestors and coordinators are fighting for us. Let’s have their backs. I know the artist community will step up. 

Stay safe, guys. 


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