It’s time to talk about shootings again.

Been awhile since we talked about shootings. It hasn’t been a while since we had one, but it has been a while since we talked about it.

Seems like, since Pittsburgh was a recent target, I’d go ahead and bring it up again. Because that’s my city, and I’m pissed off.

Full disclosure, I don’t live within the city of Pittsburgh. I live in a little town about an hour away. But even so, it is my city. It’s my home.

And it’s better than this. Every single day it’s full of love, tolerance, and acceptance. Unless you’re a Patriots fan. But this shooting cut deep. It hurt. We’re stronger than hate, but it still hurt deeply.

I don’t want to hear one person saying thoughts and prayers for the families of those affected. Not a single one. Those families don’t need our thoughts, and they don’t need our prayers. They need action. As do the families of the people killed in California. And the people in Florida.

Now’s a good time, too. We’ve got a whole lot of new politicians, and the election’s over.

So, here’s a link to your new local representatives. Feel free to email them, or call them, and ask them what they’re doing about gun violence. Most people agree that universal background checks are a great place to start. Do you agree? Do they? If not, what’s their plan?

Because thoughts and prayers aren’t enough anymore. We need action from the people who represent us. Don’t forget, they work for us. And this situation isn’t working for us. At least, it’s not working for me.

How about you?


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