Seeming, Episode One

Just in case you’ve never read Seeming, here’s the first chapter. Don’t forget that Station Central will be available on Smashwords on November 27th. You can preorder it now. In the year 2099, a company called Galitech launched the first space station meant for recreational use. They shipped up food, sand, sea water, a wholeContinue reading “Seeming, Episode One”

Legendary Stories, What went wrong?

Note: The deadline for this is March 30! It’s short notice, so I wanted to give you a heads up right away. I just had to tell you about this one, though. The premise is too funny to pass up. Because I couldn’t have summed up what they want for this anthology any better, here’sContinue reading “Legendary Stories, What went wrong?”

Market- Escape Pod

If you write Science Fiction, this is the one for you. Escape Pod’s been around for awhile, but they took some time off from accepting new submissions. They’re back now, though, and ready for your work. Genres- Science Fiction Submission Dates- They take submissions year round. Word count- 2,000 to 6,000 words. So no flashContinue reading “Market- Escape Pod”