SylverMoon Chronicles Vol.VIII is available now

You can get SylverMoon Chronicles on Amazon right now!

Hey, guys. You’ve been hearing from me a lot this week, but that’s because it’s been a busy week. Like, really busy. Please feel free to insert some nervous laughter here. Taxes and deadlines, doctor appointments and book launches.

Vol VIII & Cyber 2020Book launches!

So, let’s talk about the SylverMoom Chronicles. It’s put out by the Confederacy of the Quill, which I’m honored to be a part of. This year includes a story of mine called Fairy Coin. It’s a dark little fantasy with magic, fairies, and blood. A healthy amount of blood. Beware the Faie, everyone.

Of course, my story is only one of many excellent stories by some fantastic authors. Trust me, treat yourself. Here’s a link to get your e-copy right now.

Have a beautiful day, everyone.



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