Gracie wasn’t anything like the kids I usually deal with. Most kids that get dropped in my lap are seeking foster homes for terrible reasons. Abusive parents, drug addict parents, dead parents. The kids come in shell shocked and broken. Some are screaming obscenities and ready for a fight over anything. Some can’t string twoContinue reading “Gracie”

Four Ways I Get My Kids To Love Reading

Look, I don’t brag a lot about my parenting skills. I’m a decent mom; the kids don’t miss meals, the do decent in school, and no one started any fires this week.   But there is one thing I did with my kids that I am really proud of. My kids love reading.   MyContinue reading “Four Ways I Get My Kids To Love Reading”

Fantasy is in the details

Let’s assume you already agree with me when I say that writing good fantasy relies heavily on world building. I mean, would the Harry Potter series be half so amazing if the world built around the story wasn’t as detailed as it is? I don’t think so, and I don’t think I’m the only oneContinue reading “Fantasy is in the details”

Women Hurting Women

  This post could be sub titled, let me take a break from talking about writing to complain about something that pisses me off almost every day.   Women uphold what we refer to as ‘the patriarchy’ more than any man I have ever seen.   This post could also be sub titled, “Let meContinue reading “Women Hurting Women”

Writing Fantasy Characters We Aren’t Sick Of Seeing

Everything I write starts with a character. There are other schools of thought, sure. Lots of writers start with a situation and work from there, and that’s fine and all. But I start with characters, and this is my blog, so that’s where we’re starting. The stories in a fantasy characters are not, generally, peopleContinue reading “Writing Fantasy Characters We Aren’t Sick Of Seeing”

Market, Shock Totem

Shock Totem is a literary magazine, but right now they’re closed to submissions. Wait, why am I mentioning them then? Because they’re open to novel and novella submissions! (See, I told you there were places to submit novellas to.) Genre- Horror and dark fantasy. Word Count- At least 17,500 words. Wait time- 90 days orContinue reading “Market, Shock Totem”

Legendary Stories, What went wrong?

Note: The deadline for this is March 30! It’s short notice, so I wanted to give you a heads up right away. I just had to tell you about this one, though. The premise is too funny to pass up. Because I couldn’t have summed up what they want for this anthology any better, here’sContinue reading “Legendary Stories, What went wrong?”