Writing and Music

It’s Throwback Thursday already!

Paper Beats World

I love music.  I’d listen to it all day if I could.  If I’m not listening to music, I’m usually humming something or another.  I’m also very eclectic about music.  I love Sugarland, The Eagles, Eminem, Imagine Dragon, Bowling for Soup and my personal favorite is Red Hot Chili Peppers.  I’ve also been known to hum Phantom of the Opera, love Lindsey Stirling, and have two Nightwish cds.

I believe entirely that music and writing have a very strong connection.  This makes perfect sense.  Music taps into our creativity, and lets us see the world a little bit differently than we do right now.  At its best, a song describes an emotion better than any other art form I’ve ever seen, even writing.  And I’m biased.

But, like all good things, I think that my love of music has helped me become a better writer.  And it can do the…

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