Life Audit with me, week two

Welcome to week two of our life audit. I hope that after week one you’re feeling like you’ve got a slightly better handle on your life. Personally, just the night and morning routines have made such a difference in my life. 

If you haven’t seen week one, you can click here

Now, moving onto week two. We’re going to keep working on ourselves a lot, but we’re also starting to work on the space around us. 

Your skincare

I don’t care how old you are, what gender you are, or how you feel about your face. You need to have a skincare routine.

Now, everyone’s skin is different. So I have no idea what you should be doing for your skin. I do know that as you get older, your skin changes. My skin used to be oily all over. Now it’s oily mostly all over, with some dry patches.

One thing everyone should do, of course, is put on sunscreen. Yes, even in the winter. 

I cannot advise enough doing some digging online to see what works best with your skin type. I want to age like Jeri Ryan. My skincare routine is part of that. (Some boxing lessons might also be part of that, but that’s another story.)

Your social media following

Social media is a great place to share ideas and thoughts with friends and family all over the world. It’s also a stinking hell pit where assholes lurk to spread hate and malice. It’s all in who you follow.

Go through each of your social media accounts and unfollow people you don’t want to hear from. Yes, it’s important to keep up with the news. (Here’s the newsletter I read every morning.) But you don’t need to do that on Twitter. To be honest, you probably shouldn’t do that on Twitter. And you for sure shouldn’t do that on Facebook. 

I would also unfollow anyone who just makes you feel like shit. Even if they’re a co-worker, even if they’re a family member. You are not obligated to follow anyone. Weed out people whose content doesn’t make you feel good.

YouTube, Twitch

I’m listing content sites separate from social media for no other reason but to make things easier. Most of the same rules apply here as on any other site. Don’t follow people who make you feel like shit.

I also took this time to clear out content providers who are no longer providing content. Or whose content I’m just bored with. Any channel I haven’t watched in three months doesn’t need to be there anymore.

Clear out makeup/skincare

Alright, we’ve cleared all the junk out of your social media feeds. Now, let’s clear some junk out of our homes. 

Grab up all your makeup, skincare and personal care products. Throw away everything that’s expired. Then throw away everything that you don’t use. Throw away that lipstick that makes you think of your ex. Toss the cologne your mother bought for you. And for sure throw out anything that doesn’t make you feel great when you use it. 

Clear out art and craft supplies

This was a project for me. I have way too much of this stuff. Worse, it was all over the house so I never knew where the craft supply I needed was. 

I get that this is probably the least fun thing to do with craft supplies. But you know what is fun? Knowing where your glitter glue is when you need it.

podcasts and blogs

This is the same as clearing out your social media and streaming sites. Go through and make sure your podcast and blog apps aren’t bogged down with a bunch of content you’re no longer interested in. Same as with the other social media, clear out people who aren’t producing content anymore, or who’s content doesn’t make you happy. And once they’re all gone, you have room to follow content providers that inspire you. (Like me?)

Home care schedules

I hate housecleaning. Like, a lot. But it makes housekeeping a lot easier when I have some rules in place. 

Rules like making sure the dishes are done before I go to bed and taking fifteen minutes to clean up right after work. 

Chances are you probably already have a cleaning routine in place. If not, I can’t suggest the FlyLady enough. There’s nothing I can tell you that she can’t tell you better.

If you already have routines in place, now is the time to take a look at those and see if they need any updates. Are these routines keeping your home to the level you want it to be? Are they too much, so you don’t want to do them? Think about what needs done every day, every week, every month, or maybe not at all.

That’s it for this week. Hopefully, you’ll find that you’re getting some control back over your life. We’ll see you again next week for week three.


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