What I Learned from My Second Journalism Class

I have an instant distrust of anyone who calls their time in high school their ‘glory days’. My time in high school was when I was the dumbest, hated myself the most and took care of myself the least. I don’t consider any of that glorious. But there was one moment in high school thatContinue reading “What I Learned from My Second Journalism Class”

Using Journalistic Structure to Outline Your Novel

When you write for a newspaper, your stories have to fall under a specific structure. You take all of the information that you need to add into a story, and you list it from most important to least. It’s referred to as the inverted pyramid. Here’s an example. We do this for obvious reasons; theContinue reading “Using Journalistic Structure to Outline Your Novel”

Paper Beats World is taking poetry submissions

That’s not a typo above, we are the market this week I’m celebrating National Poetry Month this year all sorts of ways. First, I’m writing a poem a day. Second, I’m sharing my poetry with you here on Paper Beats World instead of my short stories. Third, for the first time ever, I’m opening PaperContinue reading “Paper Beats World is taking poetry submissions”

KISS, and Creative Writing

Creative writing and journalistic writing are two very different animals. If you’re accustomed to one, the other can be jarring at first. Journalism works on strict deadlines. You are expected to get your piece done by that deadline, or it doesn’t go up. Miss the deadline too many times, and you my friend don’t workContinue reading “KISS, and Creative Writing”

Journalism and Creative Writing

I’ve been writing Paper Beats World for awhile now, and it occurred to me that I’ve overlooked a pretty serious piece of information about myself. When I was in high school I didn’t want to be a creative writer, I wanted to be a journalist. To that point, I took three years of journalism. InContinue reading “Journalism and Creative Writing”