Announcing Station Central, book Four of Station 86!

Well, my hiatus is over in more ways than one. I’m working on the second draft of a new fantasy novel, and working on a brand new launch. If you missed my unplanned announcement on social media, Station Central, book four of Station 86, is launching soon.

The first episode will be available on Saturday, April 13th to be specific.

After a year of nightmares, Sennett and her family need a vacation. Together with Godfrey, they’ve faced assassins, killer AI dogs, mind-altering viruses and politicians. So they’re setting off for Station Central, the ultimate vacation destination with water parks, roller coasters, fine dining and the best hotels in the stations. But they’re barely off the ship when Godfrey finds himself embroiled in Station politics that he can’t seem to avoid. Sennett discovers not one, but two people stalking her on the station. One of whom might have the secret to her birth family.

Through it all, Sennett and Godfrey are haunted by a darker set of questions. Where are the Hollow Suits, and what are they planning?

Now, I’m doing a few things I’ve never done before with this one. First off, the episodes will come out on Saturdays, not on Wednesdays. Second, I’m going to be sending the episodes out early to PBW Update subscribers. If you get the newsletter, you’ll get the episodes delivered right to your inbox, starting on Monday, April 1st. (No, that’s not a joke. Just like I hope it’s not a joke that Twilight Zone will be launching on the same day.) If you’re not signed up yet, here’s a link. And, if you haven’t yet entered the world of Station 86, now’s the time. Book one, Seeming, is free on Smashwords.

Here are links to You Can’t Trust the AI on Smashwords and Amazon. And here is a link to Virus on Amazon. I can’t wait to start sharing this new story with all of you. I hope it’s as exciting to read as it was to write.


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