Blank Out Poetry

You might have heard about black out poetry before. It’s a fun way to stretch your creativity and create something fun.

Start by getting an old book that you don’t like or want to read anymore. Or, head to the second-hand store and find a battered copy of something classic that’s not going to break your heart to draw or paint in.

Now, flip to any page. You can rip out the page if you want, but I prefer to leave them in and do all the pages eventually. That way I’ll have a whole collection eventually.

As your looking at the page, try to create a poem out of words that pop out at you. Mark your words lightly with a pencil.

Once your poem had been discovered, we’re going to blank out the rest of the page. There are no ends to the ways to do this, and it’s my kids favorite part. You can circle the poem words with pencil and scratch out the rest. You can draw or paint an image that compliments the poem you found. Or you could use scrap paper to cover everything, leaving just holes to let your poem stand out.

This is a great project to do with your kids if they’re spending too much time zombifying themselves in front of the tv this summer. Shake their brains up a little.

I really want to see any blank out poems you guys make! Please feel free to tag me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram if you share yours.


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