Deciding to Finish

Reblogging for Throwback Thursday. Yes, I know it’s not really November.

Paper Beats World

We’re getting towards the end of November now, and for anyone participating in NANO, you should be coming to the end of your 50,000 words, with a week to go.

Or maybe you’re not. Maybe you made that all important decision to start, but now you’re flagging. Maybe something’s come up in your life, or the bustle of the holidays started too early, or a thousand other things that could be coming between you and the end of your project.

Maybe you’re not doing NANO at all, but the writing habit is still having a hard time sticking in your day to day schedule. It’s time, then, to make another decision.

Decide to finish your project

Right now. Tell yourself that you will finish the project you’re working on right now. You don’t have to edit it. You don’t have to publish it. You just have to finish it.


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