My Book Is Launching

It’s hard to believe that it’s happening. But then, it’s amazing what happens when you decide to do something yourself, instead of waiting to see if someone else will validate you.

My second book published in two months, after a year of hard, hard work. Now, I’ve got more work ahead of me, because I don’t intend them to be the only books I get out this year. But on Friday, when the book launches, I’m going to sit back, and take some time to soak in what I’ve done.

Today, though, I want to take some special time, to thank you. Every one of you who is reading this right now. Thank you for reading me, for coming to my little corner of the internet to hear me rant and preach. I hope you take something from it, for all the good you give to me. I’ve said it before, but I don’t say it enough. Thank you for inspiring me.

I’m going to be on Social Media all day on Friday. Hit me up if you have any questions, just want to say hi, or whatnot. I will be giving away two free copies of Days, one on Twitter and one on Facebook, to a random person who tweets me or says something on the Facebook page. See you then, should be fun.

By the way, there’s still time to pre order for half off. Use offer code predays, and click here to order.

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