Lots of Changes to Come

Surprise! Here’s the new website I made for you!

I’ve been working on this for awhile now. The site, my home online, has been looking a little crummy, a little old. Everything needs a fresh look, sometimes. And, since I wanted to update each of my static pages, I thought now would be a good time for a modern new theme.

Now, the shiny new look isn’t the only change around here. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what I want Paper Beats World to do. I wanted it to be in line with my three main goals for the year; 1. Write awesome stories, 2. Make money doing it and 3. Help you do the same.

A lot of what we already do is geared toward those goals. So, the weekly writing advice on Sundays is staying, as is the Market listing on Friday.

My Tuesday post, however, is going to be more of a personal, blog style from now on. For those of you who are fans of my writing, this is where you’ll find news on upcoming books and current projects if there is any to be told. It will also be where I talk about whatever I might want to talk about this week.

The First Saturday of the month will still be Words Change Worlds. Book Reviews will come when I finish books.

My own work will be posted every other Wednesday, until I run out of short stories. Sometime soon, I have a surprise that’s going there, so consider this a place holder.

Anyone who wants to send me short stories to post in the time between when I run out of short stories and when I am ready to launch the new project, please send them to nicolecluttrell86@Gmail.com! I can’t pay you, but I would love to post some speculative fiction that isn’t mine!

Some new columns I’m going to start over the next few months are an ‘ask me’ column and a monthly poetry event. Some of my most read posts have been about poetry, a thing that I love but suck at. I miss writing about it, too. So, stay tuned for that.

Another big change is this; I’m going to be devoting this site to purely speculative fiction. I do not write historical fiction, slice of life, or anything else, and so I’m not qualified to talk about it. So markets, advice, and everything else is going to be mostly geared toward spec fic writers. I’ll be reviewing spec fic books. I’ll be posting spec fic, by myself and others.

And finally, I’ve decided to stop running The Road To Full Time. There’s not a lot of interest in it, and I don’t take enough pleasure in writing it to keep it up. With this being the case, I’ve added my market list here, and you may all peruse it as you like. It grows all the time.

Please take some time, and click around to see some of our fun new features on Paper Beats World, including a Shop From Here page, and a static Writers Market page. There’s more new to come, stay tuned.

Love the new theme? Hate the new theme? Have suggestions or comments? Let me know below.

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