What novelists can learn from TV writers

Re blogging for Throwback Thursday.

Paper Beats World

Now, I have heard writers, novel writers, complain about the horrors of tv. It shrinks our audience, and turns people into zombies. Well, that might all depend on what you’re watching. While it’s true that someone clocking in hours of reality tv like Christly Knows Best, Honey Bobo, Teen Moms, Survivor or any of the other millions of shows that prey off of our baser desires to see someone fail should have their personhood card revoked, I’d say the same for anyone who reads Twilight or anything that’s got a half naked couple on the cover.

Let’s compare that to things like Dr. Who, Star Trek, Marvel’s Agents of Shield, Newsroom or Ray Donovan. These are great stories well told, and there are things that we, as novelists, can learn from these writers.

TV writing is more character driven.

Quick, who’s your favorite Dr. Who companion? I bet you know…

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