Announcing Missing Stitches, book three of Woven!

Announcement day! My first launch of 2019, and man is it a big one. It’s the biggest announcement I’ve ever made, actually.

The final book of the Woven Trilogy, Missing Stitches, is coming soon.

The city of Septa has barely had a moment of peace since the death of their king, Michael. Lenore, the princess, and heir, hopes that she and her husband, Victor, can bring some stability.
Meanwhile, her brother Devon and his wife, Queen Sultiana, come to visit and meet Lenore and Victor’s twin daughters. Sultiana comes with a heavy heart, having just miscarried her own child, and lost her father.
Instead, Lenore finds herself battling against her uncle, Joseph, over her right to the throne. As he stirs the city into civil war, an ancient enemy reveals itself. Brother Brennan, who claims to speak for The Creator, is killing Septa citizens in the streets.

Then, Lenore’s daughters are kidnapped. While Victor and Devon hunt the city in search of the princesses, Lenore and Sultiana must lead her city in a war against her uncle, and a twisted holy man. The canals run red as Lenore fights for her city, her family, and the safety of the world, in the conclusion of Woven.

I can’t believe this is happening. I mean, on the one hand I’ve written a book and a half in the next trilogy already. So I guess it’s not that hard to believe. But on the other hand, it’s amazing that I’ve actually stuck through all these drafts and edits through three books.

Of course, I’ll let you know as soon as I have a release day. Thank you all, so much, for sharing this journey with me. We’re at the end now, and it’s going to be an explosive one.

Want to catch up before Missing Stitches? Get Broken Patterns and Starting Chains right now.


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