My second quarter review, 2019

Woo, we are halfway through 2019 already! How, how in the hell did that happen?

Suffice to say it did, and somehow, we’re now staring down the latter six months of the year. And I, I am ready to get it underway.

I hope you are too. Because it’s time to do a quarterly audit and a quarterly update for our 19 in 19 goals.

Spoiler, mine changed dramatically. Many of the things that I really wanted to do have fallen by the wayside. But here’s how I’m doing so far. A crossed out goal has been completed.

  1. Make progress on the Dave Ramsey Baby Steps. I am on step two!
  2. Finish the last draft of Station Central
  3. Finish the second draft of Falling From Grace
  4. Finish the second draft of Wolf Eye. I might not get to this one, because some changes were made
  5. Finish the third draft of Grace and give it to my beta readers.
  8. Write a new novel for Nanowrimo
  9. Finish the third draft of Wolf’s Eye. (This is actually getting moved to next year.)
  10. Write the rough draft of a new science fiction novella
  11. Publish Station Central online and in e-book form. Coming August 3oth.
  12. Strengthen my mediation and yoga practice. This is not something I intend to work on right now.
  13. Read 25 books. So far I have read 14.
  14. Get a literary agent. Still looking for one.
  15. Read Simple Abundance every day. This I’m doing.
  16. Use the Kona Marie method to declutter my life. I’ve decided this just not attainable right now until I move.
  17. Have wonderful holidays.
  18. Grow succulents and herbs.
  19. Find ways to limit my waste. Again, I’ve set this goal aside.

As you can see, there are some big things still on there. But there was a lot of dead weight there too, things that I no longer really cared about. So, removing all the things I’ve already done, and replacing some goals with new ones, here’s what I have. It’s whittled down to 14.

  3. Write a brand new Nano novel
  4. Publish Station Central
  5. Read 25 books. I have eleven left
  6. Get an agent.
  7. Simple Abundance book
  8. Wonderful holidays
  9. Finish Falling from Grace. And I mean completely finish. Like ready to publish finished.
  10. Finish The Oregon facility, my new science fiction novella
  11. Start Wolf’s Eye, draft two. Probably after Nanowrimo
  12. Create 7 income streams. Spoiler, this isn’t going well. I mean, I’m up to five income streams, but most are not making money.
  13. Pay off all my debt.
  14. Create a nest box full of lovely things for the next time we move.

So that’s it. Fourteen items that will have a dramatic impact on my life and happiness. Not like, a life-changing impact. But I’ll feel it if these things are done.

If you don’t have any goals right now, or if you had goals at the start of the year and by now they’ve petered out, here’s my suggestion.

Think about what you can do in the next six months that you’ll feel the impact of. What can you do, big or small, that will leave a mark.

Even if it’s just a dent?

So, what are you going to do to impact your life in the next six months? Let us know in the comments below.

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