Celebrating the sixth year anniversary of Woven

Every single year I do this, and I have no intention of stopping. #Sorrynotsorry. But this is a pretty exciting thing, and I really want to share it with you.

Tomorrow will be the sixth anniversary of the day I started my trilogy, Woven. It’s the sixth anniversary of the day I sat in the middle of the park and prayed for this story not to die on me.

And, it didn’t.

51-OoHU7HkL._SY346_starting chains-001Missing stitches-001

This is a particularly special anniversary because the first trilogy is now over. And Woven has grown so much beyond that. At least in my mind, it has, and in projects that are in the works as we speak. (Sorry, no launch dates to release yet.)

I always like to take a moment at this time every year to thank all of you. I value all of you who got Missing Stitches to the bestseller list on its launch day. I thank all of you who read it and left a review. I can’t believe that I’m so blessed as to have so many people reading my stories.

For those of you who are authors, don’t quit. It takes work, and it takes time. But you can get there.

Again, thank you. I have every intention of continuing to bring you stories for many years to come.

Stay tuned.

In Devon’s world, magical work is as common as turning a pot or fletching an arrow. 51-OoHU7HkL._SY346_What isn’t common is a man with thread magic. When Devon finds that he is a seer, weaving prophetic tapestries, his family tries to keep it a secret.
But the family can’t hide Devon’s visions after he predicts a devastating plague in the dragon lands of Coveline. He travels there to help the dragon queen save her people.
Meanwhile, Devon’s sister Lenore joins the Church of Singular Light. As Lenore learns to serve, and falls in love with her city, she discovers a dark underbelly to the church.
Lenore fights for her city, and Devon rushes to find a cure to the plague, while an unseen enemy raises an army to destroy Septa from within.

Get it here today!


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