Review, Broke Millennial

Fun fact. When you get interested in something and want to learn more, the universe (or probably ads inspired by online spying) will help you. As you may know, I’ve been on a mission for better money management for quite some time now. I have to tell you, though, I’ve been struggling. Food is expensive, you guys. Like, way more expensive than it should be.

So, I listen to this podcast called Bad With Money with Gabi Dunn. And if you do too, I bet you now have her theme song stuck in your head. And she had someone on a few weeks ago who I just fell in love with. Like, started following her on Instagram and bought her book right away love. That person is Erin Lowry, aka the Broke Millennial.

You guys, this woman has some of the most practical advice I have ever seen for money management. Not just budgeting, not just saving. Real, honest money management. And I love it.

Had some great advice about budgeting

While I didn’t agree with absolutely everything in the book, I found the vast majority of it helpful. It went way past the usual suggestions that you see everywhere. Save money, use this method of budgeting, use that method of budgeting. Oh man, this shit gets offensive sometimes. Clip coupons, shop at different stores, shop the sales and forget coupons!

While all that’s fine, saving money doesn’t do you any good if you don’t know what to do with it.

Let me tell you, I’ve learned things from this book that are going to save me money. Even better, I learned things from this book that are going to make me money. Which is awesome.

Inspirational stories

Look, money issues are hard. It’s nice to know they’re hard for everyone. I mean, there’s a reason why I gravitated towards a money advisor called the Broke Millennial. This book did two things in that regard. It told me I’m not alone, and not stupid for not knowing these things. That’s the big thing to remember. We’re not taught this stuff anywhere unless we seek it out. We are not stupid for not knowing how to manage my money.

The other thing this book taught me is that just because I don’t know now doesn’t mean I’ll never know. I can take steps to be better, and I can start right now. And so can you. Which brings me to my last point.

Made me feel like proper money management was an attainable goal

I went through this book with my notebook open, taking notes. I have plans, people, I have big plans! And you know what else? I feel like these big plans are totally, absolutely, one hundred percent attainable.

I think too often we’re just afraid of things like investing or changing banks. I think money, in general, makes us scared. And I get it. Money makes me scared. But not having enough of it to care for myself and my family makes me way more scared.

And for helping me feel more confident about money decisions, this book is worth its weight in gold.




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