My Goal has Been To Entertain

So, today is a pretty important anniversary.  Paper Beats World is officially, today, a year old.

Honestly, a year ago I didn’t have any faith in my ability to get this far.  Full disclosure, this is not my first blog.

When I was a high school kid I started a political blog, like I had any idea what the hell I was talking about.  I kept it up for about a month, and had one follower that I think must have followed literally every political blog on  the internet.  This was the early 2000’s, so it was possible.

About two years ago, I started a blog called Mad Mod Moms, a blog dedicated to modern mothers.  I blogged under the pen name Mad Hat Mom, shortened to MHM on all of my posts, and worked with my real life best friend who is also a career mom like me.  That didn’t last.  Neither of us had the time, really, and neither of us really wanted to write about parenting that much.  Maybe we would have stuck with it if we’d had any followers, but no one, it seemed, cared to hear what the Mad Mod Moms had to say.

So it was with great fear that I started Paper Beats World.  I don’t know that I would have if not for that fateful phrase my little monster said to me, over a year ago now.  For those of you who haven’t yet read my very first post, “I am a writer,” this is what she said.  “I want to write when I grow up, like as a hobby, like you.”  Thus began my year long tirade against stamp collectors.

I started because I wanted to not only make myself feel like more of a writer, but also help and inspire others to feel like writers too.

I kept going because of you.

Right from the start, you have all been so amazing, all of you who read me.  You like my posts, comment, follow me on social media.  I hope that you’re getting something good from Paper Beats World, for all the good that you have poured into my life.

Over the past year, I have learned so much.  Today, I want to share what I’ve learned with you.

People do not like it when I change themes too often.

I notice a dramatic drop anytime I change the theme of Paper Beats World.  Like crash and burn drop, for at least a week.  So I try to avoid it.  Besides, I like the theme I use now.  It showcases the posts, and that’s what you guys are here for.  I hope.

Free programs help

When I used to look at other people’s blogs, I’d get so jealous of their graphics.  I was sure they must have some intense software or mad art skills to pull that off.  I was also sure that I would never have a way to make those.  And newsletters?  No, no way, not going to happen.  Those sorts of things were for writers with way more time/money/friends with computer graphics degrees.  But then I discovered Canva and Mailchimp.  With them I, for free, make super awesome graphics and put together a really neat newsletter.  It’s just amazing what’s available to use out there.

Schedule Everything!

Because life happens.  As I am very fond of saying, we don’t write in a bubble.  I have, multiple times now, run into emergency situations that prevented me from posting.  But I didn’t miss a beat, because I had already posted everything for the week.  Now with Buffer I can do that with Twitter and Facebook.  I love it.

People in countries will read me

Hello, everyone in Russia, Australia and all the other super cool countries that read me!  You are a constant surprise and an endless source of joy.  It reminds me every day that I am a citizen of planet Earth, not just America.  I love you guys.

No one is going to click on ads on my site, and I don’t care at all

I really don’t.  My first collection of short stories will be done soon, and that’s what I want to do to make money.  Not selling adspace.

One person can make my whole life light up

Some days, I get a like on a post.  Some days, I get a retweet, or a like on Facebook.  And some days, I really need that.  So thanks, guys.  Thanks for this past year, and here’s to many more to come.

Stay tuned.


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  1. Glad you are here. Congratulations. Three more days will make my official year – the day my annual fee is up for renewal! Otherwise I guess I would forget. I actually tried to get started a bit before that. My stats show I have been following you for three months. It is all good.

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