A writer’s supplies

It’s late August. That means a lot of things. For me, my Summer Vacation is over. We just got back two days ago, and I won’t have such a long time away from the day job again until next year. My monsters are going back to school on the 30th. That means an end to sleeping in for a good long while. (I can’t sleep if they’re awake, I just can’t. And I work on the weekends.)

While all that kind of sucks, I’m also excited for an exquisitely stupid reason.

Back to school supplies are on sale right now.

My excitement for stationery is well known and highly mocked. I really wanted to write a blog post that was basically a wish shopping list of stationary supplies.

But I’m not going to do that. It would be fun for me, and it might even be fun for some of you.

You know who wouldn’t enjoy it? Me, when I was broke. (I’m still kind of broke, but not as bad as I once was. No one who has a yard and occasionally buys Moleskine notebooks is really broke.)

You might be how I was then, scraping together dimes I picked up off the street to buy a cheap notebook. (I said I was broke.) If you’re like that, then a list of elaborate and lovely things will rake on you, and I don’t blame you.

If you’re like I am now, let’s face it. We don’t need all that crap to write.

Yes, I use and love my Le Pens, but I don’t need them to write. If it came down to it, and my family couldn’t comfortably afford this luxury, I’d go back to Bic pens in a second. They’re a buck a bag.

So I thought, instead, I’d talk about what you need to be a writer, bare bones.

  • A notebook
  • A pen
  • A library card
  • A flash drive.

With that, you can write the rough draft of your story. You can type it up, even if it’s a little at a time, on a computer at the library. You can write up submission letters, or even self-publish from the library.

Using WordPress, Grammarly and Amazon, you can host a website or blog, edit your work and sell it. It’s just that easy. You can use Buffer and social media to promote your book for free.

I wanted to tell you that for two reasons. One, because I never want anyone to think that this is something you must be wealthy to do. Money helps, don’t get me wrong. I’m able to afford to print my books, and that’s why they’re in local book stores.

But that’s not a requirement. E-books sell fine, and people do order my print books all on their own. Yes, I do pay for my domain name, but that’s again, a want not a need.

The second reason I wanted to tell you all of that is this: we are unstoppable, us writers. There is literally nothing standing in your way right now if you want to be a writer.

So go write. Even with a notebook you rolled dimes for, and a pen you stole off a waitress if you have to.

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