Thank you for being a friend, PBW turns eight

Long-time readers probably knew this was coming. Today is the eighth anniversary of my writing weekly posts for this little corner of the internet we call Paper Beats World.

I just read through the last six anniversary posts, and I don’t want this post to be just another thank you and I don’t know how the hell we got here post. 

I mean, thank you for sure. While I would keep writing stories no matter the response, I for sure wouldn’t be posting here every week unless someone was out there consuming it. Every time you read my work and like it, it feels like a virtual hug. 

At this point, it seems pretty clear that I’m going to keep showing up here. So let’s not waste any time today talking about how amazing it is that my Gemini brain didn’t get bored yet. I’m here to stay. So let’s talk about something worth our time.

How have you leveled up in the past year? 

Remember last year, when I challenged all of us to level up together? Well, here’s how I did. 

I went to Nebula Con, and have been participating in weekly writing dates with other con attendees. 

I’ve published another book, maybe my favorite so far. It was also my first horror novel, which means I finally made the Speculative Fiction hat trick. 

I’ve been focusing on writing better. I’m doing more writing exercises and working on upping the literary merit of my work.

I was included in a wonderfully creepy podcast

I published a review of every single episode of American Horror Story on Haunted MTL. It was a massive project that was incredibly important to me.

I co-hosted a new podcast

I’ve tried my best to write posts that would help you level up your writing. I hope it’s helped.

And I’m not done leveling up. Over the next year, I’ve got big plans. I’m working to find an agent, of course. And I’m trying to join SFWA. While I’m doing that, I’m going to be bringing some self-published to you.

Here’s what you can expect from me between now and the next PBW anniversary.

1. Season two of AA is on its way. In case you haven’t heard season one yet, it’s available here

2. The very last Station 86 book will be coming out within the next twelve months. Don’t know when yet, but it’s coming. (You can get the first book for free on Smashwords right now.) 

3. The good news for Station 86 fans doesn’t stop there. I’m currently working to convert the books into audiobooks and relaunch the whole series.

There will be other goodies coming your way. Short stories exclusive to PBW. New content to make you a better writer or just live a better life. Reviews of speculative fiction content. Next month, of course, we’re going to be celebrating Banned Books Week. 

Writing for this blog continues to be one of the most uplifting projects in my week. Thank you for being a friend, and showing up with me every week.

I’ll keep showing up as long as you do. 


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