Writing Prompt Saturday- Write a Burlesque Poem

No, there’s nothing inherently inappropriate with this type of poetry. Well, maybe there is, but not in the sort of way you’re thinking. At least, there doesn’t have to be. There could be, if you wanted there to be, is what I’m saying. A burlesque poem is one that takes a comical look at somethingContinue reading “Writing Prompt Saturday- Write a Burlesque Poem”

Market- Pod Castle

Filling out the ‘Pod’ trilogy of great places to send submissions, this week we’ll be looking at Podcastle. This is a fantasy market, and one that I am very eager to send things to, since Fantasy is sort of what my main focus is. You know, with that fantasy series I’ve been working on forContinue reading “Market- Pod Castle”

Check This Out- All Indie Writers

Alright, so I spent a minute and a half on this site, and signed up for the newsletter.  Then I realized that if I was going to explore the site and get a post written on the site, I’d better set a timer or I was going to get lost in the archives. All IndieContinue reading “Check This Out- All Indie Writers”

Writing Prompt Saturday- What do you hate about your first draft?

Alright, this is something I do with all of my fist drafts. I unload. I am furious at my first draft! I spent all that time and ink, slaving over a hot notebook and keyboard to make it perfect and for what? It’s not perfect. It’s not just as I want it to be. It’sContinue reading “Writing Prompt Saturday- What do you hate about your first draft?”

Markets- Pseudo Pod

Awhile ago I posted about a site called Escape Pod. This is a sister website, Pseudo Pod, that’s all about horror. I am a huge fan of scary, macabre, and anything creepy and crawly. So, I love this one. Genre- Horror. Word count- they want either flash fiction of around 500 to 1,000, or longerContinue reading “Markets- Pseudo Pod”

We’re on Facebook!

There is now an official Paper Beats World Facebook Page!  To compliment the Paper Beats World Pintrest page, and the twitter feed.  I’m also going to start doing more with said twitter feed, but not much more. So, what’s going to be on the facebook page that you can’t find here?  Lot’s, eventually.  I’m goingContinue reading “We’re on Facebook!”

Check This Out- The Pomodoro Method

If you’re getting into the thick of your editing process, you’re in danger of running into one of two walls. Maybe you’re getting immersed in the process and forget about other things, like eating or personal hygiene. Or, you’re so daunted by the whole process that you’re waiting until you’ve got ‘real time’, to getContinue reading “Check This Out- The Pomodoro Method”