Meet the AA Characters, Jim

Meet Jim Played by Jim Phonix  Jim’s everyone’s friend. He teaches the kids of the community, helps out at meetings. He’s quick to led an ear when needed, or pick someone up from the train station. And he’s happy to make friends with Josey. Maybe more than friends.  A transplant himself, Jim is one ofContinue reading “Meet the AA Characters, Jim”

My review of the Hero’s Journal

(This isn’t sponsored, but I was gifted a copy of Hero’s Journal for donating to Nanowrimo.) I received a Hero’s Journal during Camp Nanowrimo. And I was pretty stoked about it. You know me, I love a good notebook. Especially (gasp) a goal-setting notebook that is specific to my writing. This journal has been allContinue reading “My review of the Hero’s Journal”

Meet The AA Characters, Rose

Meet Rose Played by J.M. Brannyk There’s something in Rose’s past that her family doesn’t know. That even her best friend Stevie doesn’t know. Whatever it is, it’s made her less than happy to find a human has found her way inside the community. In Rose’s eyes, there’s no way Josey’s there for good reasons.Continue reading “Meet The AA Characters, Rose”

Meet the AA characters, Heather

Meet Heather Played by Jennifer Weigel A truly type A person, Heather runs the AA meetings in Peach Springs. She’s quick to pull people into her inner circle, and to lend a hand when needed. Heather is every organized cub scout leader mother. Someone needs a place to stay, Heather will find them a bed.Continue reading “Meet the AA characters, Heather”

Meet The Characters from AA, Stevie

Meet Stevie Played by Maity Stevie is called when there’s trouble. And trouble has come to Peach Springs in the form of the illusive men in grey. She plans to be there only long enough to find out why this quasi government agency has their eyes on her community. But when she finds Josey, aContinue reading “Meet The Characters from AA, Stevie”

Meet The Characters from AA, Josey

Meet Josey- Played by me. When Josey moves to a new town, she thinks her life’s going to get better. Then her new job falls through. So she finds herself working two jobs to afford an overpriced apartment. But it’s the divorce papers sent from her ex that really sends her past demons back toContinue reading “Meet The Characters from AA, Josey”

Writing nonfiction, writing the hard topics

Often when someone chooses to write a nonfiction book, it’s because something has moved them. Something has changed their world. Often, it’s for the worse. Nonfiction books are often written because there’s something terrible in the world that the author wants to shine a light upon. These are things that cause us grief. And it’sContinue reading “Writing nonfiction, writing the hard topics”

Writing Nonfiction, Organization

In learning to write nonfiction, I’m discovering a beautiful part of it that I wish I’d known about all along. It’s something so dear to my heart that it makes nonfiction a joy, even aside from the pleasure that writing always brings me.  I finally have a worthy reason to use the metric ton ofContinue reading “Writing Nonfiction, Organization”