An interview with Madolyn Locke

I was honored to interview Madolyn Locke. She’s an artist, poet, editor, playwrite and author. And it was a facinating conversation. What books have you read so many times that you wore out a copy? Too many to name! LoL The first was probably Ballet Shoes (Noel Streatfeild), but a couple others would be: Shakespeare’sContinue reading “An interview with Madolyn Locke”

12 Things Single Parents and Indie Writers Have In Common

I am not a single parent. I have a wonderful husband who is a great home maker. But I was a single mom for the first six years of my daughter’s life. Her dad and I were together, but we didn’t live together. (Long story.) Now that I’m not a single mom anymore, I amContinue reading “12 Things Single Parents and Indie Writers Have In Common”

Balancing Social Media With Actual Writing

Just four more days until the start of Thirty Days, Thirty Ideas.  Sign up now, or regret it later.  Click right here to sign up. So, I don’t know if this is a strength or weakness for me, but I really hate, loath and despise social media.  I hate Facebook, don’t have a private account. Continue reading “Balancing Social Media With Actual Writing”

Making your own self employed work schedule, so that you get shit done.

We are still in full sign up mode for the Thirty Days, Thirty Ideas challenge.  Can you make thirty new ideas next month?  Click right here and find out. I am not yet a full time writer. In fact, I am currently a more than full time day jobber. Even so, I have work hoursContinue reading “Making your own self employed work schedule, so that you get shit done.”