Three Reasons to Love your Rejection Letters

We’ve talked all the live long month about submissions. A few times we’ve touched in rejection letters as an unavoidable eventuality. I stand by this, they are unavoidable. I promise, if you’re hoping for universal love, you will be sadly disappointed, my friends. I’ve never hated rejection letters, though. In fact, I love them. I’veContinue reading “Three Reasons to Love your Rejection Letters”

Writing Prompt Saturday- Reject your own work

Are you all doing the Writing 101 program?  I’ve been doing it, if you can’t tell by the daily free writing posts that have been going on since Tuesday.  That’s going to be going on the whole month.  So if your not a huge fan of my unedited ramblings on the site, sorry.  If youContinue reading “Writing Prompt Saturday- Reject your own work”