My favorite Skillshare classes for writers

If you spend any time online, you’ve seen an ad for Skillshare. Every Youtuber I watch is working with them. And all that pitching got to me. I’ve had a subscription to Skillshare for almost a year now. I’m not working with them. I’m not an affiliate, and I’m getting no money for this post.Continue reading “My favorite Skillshare classes for writers”

My favorite stationary for writing and bullet journaling

<a href="http://Image by <a href="">Monfocus</a&gt; from <a href="">PixabayToday’s lovely art is from Monfocus. After a long month of cleaning and organizing our whole lives, let’s take things down a notch today. Let’s talk about one of my favorite things and something you probably like too. Let’s talk about stationary.  Specifically, this is a list ofContinue reading “My favorite stationary for writing and bullet journaling”

Things to remember when writing different classes

Today’s cover art is from Anastacia Cooper. As an author, no one is more critical of my work than me. No one is a bigger fan than me, either. But we all know how fantasy fans are. We only truly rip apart what we love most. And when it comes to Woven, I’m always thinkingContinue reading “Things to remember when writing different classes”

The Best Movies for Storytelling

I’m low key in love with movies. Okay, not low key. I really love movies. And I’m as crazy eclectic with my movie love as I am with music. (Remember, I’m the weirdo that has Eminem, Sugarland and Elton John on my tablet, right along with Cher and Panic! At The Disco.) It goes furtherContinue reading “The Best Movies for Storytelling”

It Takes Time To Be a Writer

Happy Mothers Day, to all Mammas, Step Moms, Mother In Laws, and anyone who’s been a maternal influence. We’ve been lied to, all of us aspiring writers. Oh, it was with the best of intentions, as most lies are. But it was a lie, all the same. We have been told that it doesn’t takeContinue reading “It Takes Time To Be a Writer”

Would Your Book Pass The Bedchel Test?

Do you know what the Bechdel Test is? I only heard of it recently, which makes me sad as a feminist. The Bechdel test, named for the cartoonist Alison Bechdel who came up with it in a comic called Dykes to Watch Out For, consists of three rules. If a movie didn’t follow these threeContinue reading “Would Your Book Pass The Bedchel Test?”