Market- Highlights for Kids

I don’t do a lot of children’s fiction on this site, which I consider a glaring omission on my part.  Especially this particular market.  It’s popular, high paying, and my kids used to have a subscription that they devoured every month without fail.   It almost makes up for the fact that they don’t accept e-mail submissions.  That’s right, you’ve actually got to do the whole send it in the mail with a s.a.s.e and all that.

Genre- children’s fiction and puzzles.  They often do different themes, so be sure to check the full guidelines here, which you really should do anyway.

Word count- Varies by type of submission, 500 for smaller readers and 800 for more advanced, as the magazine caters to both.

Sub date-  They take submissions all year round.

Wait time- Non specified, but as you’ll be doing all this the old fashioned way, be prepared for at least six weeks.

Payout- $150 for short fiction.

Any luck with this market?  Let is know in the comments below, and I’ll put you on our monthly brag board.

This week’s affiliate is Shutterfly.  They’re having all sorts of sales right now for Easter, including magnets and postcards.  Might as well get some pictures done before your kids tear up the lawn in search of candy.

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