Plans for April- Submissions

Alright, so we’ve talked about a lot of things.  Characters, and organization, and planning and plotting.  We’ve talked about getting inspired, and what to do if you’re not so inspired so you get your ass in your chair and write anyway. I’m ready to talk about the next step now.  I’m ready to talk about submissions. After all, it doesn’t matter much how star spangled terrific your writing is if you never send it anywhere.  Kind of makes sense, right? This month, we’re going to talk all about the scary, crazy, frustrating, intimidating, amazing world of fiction submissions.  For me, they’re kind of like a job interview and a blind date mixed together, where his parents might stop by to visit. The submission process is the where you set aside your artist hat, and put on your business hat for a time.  You’ve created a product.  An amazing product that no one else could have made, your story.  It deserves to be presented in the best of packaging. This month, we will-

  • Break down exactly what goes into a submission packet.
  • Learn how to write the perfect query letter.
  • Talk about what you should, and absolutely should not do when sending queries.
  • And talk about rejection letters, because I don’t care if you’re the next Tolkien, you’re going to get rejected.

Any opening thoughts about submissions?  How excited are you to send out your work?


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