What to Do When The Book Is Done

You’ve heard the old line, hurry up and wait. Well, when you’re a writer, you will learn the meaning of that term, I promise you. You do all that work, making your manuscript shine, suffering over your query packet. Then after days and nights, maybe years of work, you send your manuscript to a market.Continue reading “What to Do When The Book Is Done”

Making Your Own Kick Ass Submission Packet

Alright, so you’ve finished your book. You’ve spent months, maybe years going over each and every word until it sings. Great job. Now, it’s time to get your submission packet together. Don’t panic, you’re going to get through this. See, most agents and editors ask for the same things. A query letter, one page synopsis,Continue reading “Making Your Own Kick Ass Submission Packet”

Writing Prompt Saturday- Reject your own work

Are you all doing the Writing 101 program?  I’ve been doing it, if you can’t tell by the daily free writing posts that have been going on since Tuesday.  That’s going to be going on the whole month.  So if your not a huge fan of my unedited ramblings on the site, sorry.  If youContinue reading “Writing Prompt Saturday- Reject your own work”

The Writing Life- Orginizing Submissions

You should know by now that I have a thing about organization. Especially when it comes to my writing, keeping order is keeping my sanity. Submissions are a pretty big thing to keep organized. If you haven’t started yet, start right now. If you’ve only got one submission, set up your process anyway. Those suckersContinue reading “The Writing Life- Orginizing Submissions”

Don’t Do This When Submitting Your Writing

If you’ve been a writer for more than an hour, you know that there are a whole freaking lot of reasons why an agent or editor will reject your work. There are a lot more reasons for them to reject you than accept you. To start with, anything in their huge pile that’s better thanContinue reading “Don’t Do This When Submitting Your Writing”

Plans for April- Submissions

Alright, so we’ve talked about a lot of things.  Characters, and organization, and planning and plotting.  We’ve talked about getting inspired, and what to do if you’re not so inspired so you get your ass in your chair and write anyway. I’m ready to talk about the next step now.  I’m ready to talk aboutContinue reading “Plans for April- Submissions”