Check This Out- Self Publishing Review

Understand that the irony of kicking off a month devoted to submissions with a shout out to a blog devoted to forgoing the whole notion is not lost on me.  But I am a woman who firmly believes in duality.  I plan on seeking an agent for Woven, it is true.  But I have other plans, plans that involve e-books.  I intend to self publish those.  So when it comes to the great debate between self publishing and traditional publishing, you’ll see that I’ve got a foot in both camps, and I like it that way.

The Self Publishing Review found its way onto my Feedly feed very recently, as part of my effort to work harder at the business side of this creative business.  It’s got all the sort of articles that you’d expect for a site like this, advice about formatting, different self publishing companies to consider, and a fine selection of editors that you can hire to check your work before you self publish.   (Do this)

Basically, if you want to self publish, you want to do two things first; read this blog in July when I’ll be devoting a whole month to it (spoiler!), and check out Self Publishing Review.

What do you think of Self Publishing?  Did you check out Self Publishing Review?  What was your favorite post?

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