What I’m Reading This Month, April 2015 edition

A long time ago, I participated in the monthly online book club run by Modern Mrs. Darcy. Did it for two months, had a lot of fun, the I forgot. And every month, the fifteenth would roll around, and the posts would pop up on my feed reader, and I would say, “Well, it’s okay that I forgot, because I am reading nothing new. Just Half Blood Prince for the fifth time. Really don’t need everyone knowing that. Better that I just skip it is month.

But then the new year started, and one of my goals was to read all new books. And I’ve kept it so far. Haven’t had much time to read, but so far I’ve gotten through Uncle Montegue’s Tales of Terror, and Divergent. Uncle M is great if you liked those Scary Stories books with the wicked awesome illustrations by Alvin Schwartz. Divergent is great if you, you know, breath.

This month, though, I tackled a book I have been wanting to read for a few years now, but every time I start I get distracted by something. It’s The Great Hunt, book two of Wheel of Time, by Robert Jordan.

I know, after all my fangirling over Brandon Sanderson, you would think I would have already read his favorite series, and the one that he was so honored to finish after Mr. Jordan passed away. Well, here’s my little secret. I am a fan of Sanderson, the writing teacher. I haven’t even read Mistborn. (It’s on my list, I swear!)

Getting back to Great Hunt, I’ve really been loving it so far. The amazing array of point of view characters is handled really well. At no time do I not know what’s going on, *cough cough, George M. Martin, cough cough*.

More important than that, I am interested in all the different story lines. Never is there a chapter where I’m like, “This loser again? Dude, nobody cares what’s going on with him!” Bran Stark. Not even any fake coughing this time, I have read almost the whole series and skimmed every Bran chapter.

Long story short, read Great Hunt if you haven’t already. Read Book One, too.

Have you read The Great Hunt? What did you think?

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