The Writing Life

So, let’s do something a little different this week.

This week, I want to share some of my own personal journey with you.  My own writer’s life.

Because, let’s face it, I’m far from a place where I can just sit back and give advice like an old wise woman.  I work really damn hard on my writing every day.

So from now on, I want to start something new on Tuesdays.  I’ll talk about what I’m doing with my writing, and you tell me what you’re doing.  What are you working on this week?  What did you accomplish, or wish you could have done more with?

Remember, this isn’t about having written a book. It’s about being a writer, every day, and sharing the journey.

This Week-

If you haven’t noticed, I finished the rough draft of Starting Chains, the second book of Woven.  I’d been working on it since November, so it’s a huge relief, but also kind of sad.  See, now I’m done moving the story forward for awhile.  I’m already excited to write the third one, which I won’t be doing until last year.

I’m starting on four different e-books now that Starting Chains is done.  Now, I know that sounds like a crazy amount of work, but really, it’s not as messed up as it sounds.  One of the books is a non fiction about writing a fantasy series.  I’m not a huge fan of writing non fiction, so this will be a very slow process.  Probably at the rate of a chapter a week.

As for the other three, they’re short fiction collections.  So, while I hope to write two short stories a month, I have no idea what book it will fit into.  With my luck, they will probably all progress at the same time.  So, yeah, that’s four books at once.  This week I intend to edit the short story I wrote for the first week of Writing 101, cautiously titled Letter on The Bar.

Then, there’s the fourth draft of Broken Patterns.  That’s four of five, total, I hope and pray.  I also hope and pray that I’m going to finish this one this year, and I can start sending it to agents.

Oh, and I’m also working on a secret project for Paper Beats World.  It’s huge and wonderful and scary and awesome, and I’ve been working on it for about a month already.  Can’t say anything yet, but just keep watch around July.

Alright, so that’s what I’m working on this week.  What are you planning?  Let us know in the comment section below.

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