The Writing Life, June 16

I am not going to lie to you guys, this has been a really, really tough week.  I am very used to working 29 hours a week, and having time while I’m at work to write.  I’m also used to being home two days during the week, when the monsters are at school.

Well, my whole life went upside down this week.  I started my full time hours, and I’m doing a lot of training this week, which means I haven’t had the time at work I’m used to.  The monsters are done with school until August, which means they’ve got more free time than I’d like.

All of this is meaning two big things that are super bad for me.  One, I have little to no energy, even with coffee, Coke and a B complex.  And two, I’ve gone from having an average of thirteen hours a week to devote to my writing to about nine.

I intended to get up before work and write, since I’ve got to be there an hour later than I used to.  That didn’t happen.  I intended to write for an hour in the evening, but I’ve been too tired to manage more than one twenty five minute session.  I’m hoping to get more done this weekend, but the state of the house is getting a little mad.

Not writing isn’t healthy for me, mentally.  I have found that there are two things that will toss me into a depressive phase faster than a vegetarian will tell you all about her ‘alternate lifestyle’; being in the house alone and not writing.

Have you been here before?  I have.  Here’s what I’m doing to get out of this very bad hole.

  • I am being very kind to myself.  I am remembering that this is just one week, a week where I added eleven work hours to my week, and that is going to take some getting used to.
  • I’m also remembering, though, that I used to work 46 hours, and that was when I wrote the rough draft of Broken Patterns.  I know that I can do this, because I have before.
  • I am working hard to figure out what my new writing schedule is going to be like.  A lot of my writing’s going to fall on the days off, now.  For instance, I’ll be writing all of my posts on the same day.
  • I am prioritizing my projects, just as I was telling you last week.  Woven is the most important, so if I’ve got time, it will go there.
  • I’m also remembering that if something doesn’t work, I can try something else.  Hear me when I say that I will try at least a hundred things that will not work.  But if I keep trying, I’ll find two or three things that will work.

I don’t want you to think this week was all bad.  I love my new position at the day job, and I am learning so much.  I’m sure that this week is going to go better, writing wise.

Things that rocked this week-

  • I’m going to be linking to some of my very favorite blogs this week during the IC Blog tour, which is tomorrow, by the way.
  • I finally like the direction part one of Broken Patterns is taking.  I’m excited about the project, and when I get the time to work on it, I’m loving every minute of it.
  • I got a chance, finally, to sit down for Tipsy Writer Twitter chat last week, and had a blast.  Hoping to do it again tonight.  As always, if you want to join us, just hop on twitter and follow the Tipsy Writer.  Chat starts at 8:30.

Things that I’m looking forward to this week.

  • I’m ready to devote some real time to writing this week, wherever I can find it.
  • Hopefully I’m more used to the extra hours at the day job, so I’m hoping to have more energy for my little Monsters, and my short stories.
  • Getting all ready to contact some bloggers I love about participating in a new little project.  I’ll keep you posted, as always.

So, how do you handle periods of transition?  Do you freak out like me, or do you have some tips for a tired writer this week?


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