Markets, Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show

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So, I can’t get over how funny and awesome I find the title of this market. I mean really, it’s awesome. Medicine show is all about science fiction and fantasy, and I think it’s my favorite magazine I’ve found so far, and I kind of want to subscribe to it.

Genre- Science Fiction and fantasy
Word Count- Any length
Submission date- None. They take submissions all the time. So, you know, no excuses.
Wait Time- Not listed
Payout- Six cents a word.
Rights- Exclusive rights for the first year, non exclusive rights to re-publish at any time after that.

Here is your link to the full submission guidelines.

And, here is a quick writing prompt for your weekend writing. Imagine you’re stranded on a whole new continent. You don’t know the language, don’t know anyone, and have only a vague idea of where you are. What do you do? Now, put your main character in the same situation. What does she do? Who’s more likely to survive the experience, you or her?


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