16 Before 16 update

Holy crap, my to do list just tripled!  Now, I just went through the whole thing during my plans for the month post about ten minutes ago, so I’m not going to rehash the whole thing.  I am going to give you all a quick update on my 16 before 16 list.


  1. Finish Broken Patterns.  That one’s a great big done!
  2. Unpack the house.  Um, not so much.  But I planned to spend this whole coming weekend on that project.  I am sick of not knowing where my books are.
  3. Make a nice holiday printable pack for all of you.  Check back with me later in the month.  It’s going to be tight.
  4. Don’t drain the emergency fund for Christmas.  So far so good.
  5. Buy new pillows.  That’s going to be a gift my husband and I are getting each other for Christmas.  My neck will thank him.
  6. Get Days on the market.  Still waiting to see if one last story is going to be accepted, and then I am so ready to go.
  7. Take advantage of the park more often.  So, that’s been a bust.  I haven’t set foot in that park once.  I can’t even blame the weather, it’s been beautiful.  I have to do better this month.
  8. Schedule monthly dates with the husband.  We had a great stay in date night that included some good wine and the roast of William Shatner.  Low key, but that’s us.
  9. Schedule and perform end of year review.  I have a list of though provoking questions to ask myself, and a big heart shaped sticker on my planner.
  10. Plan and take one day off a month.  Totally nailed that one last month, and I will take two this month.  Christmas Eve and Day.  We’re going to bake and make crafts, and watch movies.
  11. Read Yes Please.  I need to get that one on my tablet and get reading.  I’m almost done with Big Magic, which I love by the way.
  12. Make and keep my doctors appointment. In all honesty, and this is really bad of me, I might not get that done this month.  I will at least make the appointments, they just might not all be this month.  I am so bad about that sort of thing, not going to lie.
  13. Plan a day to make gifts for co workers at the day job.  I have great plans, that I will not share here, since some of them might read this.
  14. Get a significant amount of Starting Chains done.  I am almost done with the first read through.  It’s going to be a project, but the story is solid.
  15. Get a puppy.  Not yet, but pictures will follow.
  16. Rethink stock building.  I’m collecting coupons and doing math to figure out how much of a thing I should have in the house at any one time.  It’s a whole thing.


How are your lists coming?


What Rocked Last Week.


  • Thanksgiving was awesome, as always.  We had a great dinner at my mother in law’s place, watched It’s Thanksgiving Charlie Brown and listened to Alice’s Restaurant.  Perfect holiday achieved.
  • We got the tree up, and I got all of my Christmas cards written.
  • I got JR Tolkin’s Letters From St. Nicholas.  I’ve never read it, and I am very excited about it.
  • I sent Broken Patterns to ten literary agents.  Best case scenario is ten polite rejection letters, but it’s a start.


What I’m Looking Forward To This Week.


  • I am looking forward to getting all of these dumb boxes unpacked and all of this junk dealt with.  Nothing makes you hate every single thing you own like moving.
  • I get to order Christmas presents this week.  I like doing that.


So what are you doing this week?  Any fun holiday plans?


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