The Patron Saint of Writers

Re blogging for Throwback Thursday.

Paper Beats World

So, I’m not a catholic, but recently I stumbled on Saint Frances De Sales, the patron saint of writers. I found him on Pintrest, of all places. There he was, looking at me from mu computer screen, with this quote; “I have more than fifty letters to answer. If I tried to hurry over it all, I would be lost. So, I intend to neither hurry or worry. This evening I shall answer as many as I can. Tomorrow I shall do the same and so I shall go on until I have finished.”

I don’t know how anyone could read that simple, self loving advice and not want to find out more about the person who said it. And I found out a lot. St. De Sales has a lot to teach us about writing, and life in general.

Be as educated as you can be

St De Sales…

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