Another season of sowing

I had a book come out last month. Maybe you heard me talk about it. I have another book coming out this month, called Days. I’m just a little proud of it. You know, just a touch.

And that’s going to be it for awhile. I’ve got some work to do on Broken Patterns before I send it out again, (So much for being done.) I’ve got a new project, but it’s still in rough draft form. And I haven’t written any short pieces, since I’ve been working on this new thing. Seriously, if I don’t get some written soon there will be no new short pieces from me next month, and I know how devastated all of you (just me) will be by that.

My harvest came in. I finished three books and got to do all the fun things that finishing books brings. I have started marketing, set up at least one book review, even sold a couple (one) copies (copy). Now it’s time to start sowing again.

Actually, I started sowing as soon as I was done. When I finished Broken Patterns, I started on the second draft of Starting Chains, Draft one having been written in between the third and fourth versions of Broken Patterns. When I finished Days, I started writing short stories for upcoming books. When I published Thirty Days, I started planning for this year’s Thirty Days event, and the book that will come after it.

Even starting right away, though, it’s going to be a long time before another book of mine is published. I have a lot of sowing to do before another season of harvest.

I should get back to it.


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