Check out this space opera that just came out!

So, this book just came out, and it looks pretty awesome. I hadn’t heard of it before, but it’s made it to my reading list pretty fast.

The science fantasy adventure about aliens invading from beyond our galaxy continues in the second high-octane installment in the Dark Tide Trilogy.

The battle against the Krai’kesh was won but the war is just getting started. As the second wave of the Krai’kesh invasion rains death and devastation on human worlds near the edge of the milky way galaxy, veteran Federation navy captain Martin Rigsby and his fleet struggle to survive until help can arrive. Even the awesome magical power of the Eternals may not be enough this time.

Join the adventure on the far side of the galaxy today!

Here’s a link to check the book out for yourself.

I’m making an effort to get information about great indie science fiction and fantasy books out to you guys. Let me know if you’re liking this.


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