And We’re Back

Hey, guys.

So, a long time ago I had an email list. I sent out a monthly newsletter called The Road To Full Time.

I stopped doing that over a year ago. At the time it was just too much in addition to everything else I was doing.

Today, I’ve decided to start doing newsletters again. I’m officially launching the PBW Update. Here’s why.

I often find myself missing out on content from some of my favorite bloggers because I just don’t remember to check their sites. I get distracted, life happens. You know how it is. I know we all have the same number of hours in our day as Beyonce, but she has a housekeeper.

So, I wanted to start this newsletter as a way to help you keep in touch. Every other Monday, I’ll send you a quick hello and a link to the three most popular PBW posts from the last two weeks. Then, I’ll tell you about any new indie writers I’ve fallen in love with.

Finally, if I have a book coming out or if my books are going to be on sale, I’ll let you know.

I’m promising you right now that the people on my email list are going to be the first to know about sales. All of you who read Paper Beats World will know before anyone who only follows me on social media.

I’m not going to spam you. I might do some email challenges later, depending on what sort of feedback I get and if I design one that’s worth your time. If I’m not doing a challenge, I’ll be sending one email, every other Monday.

If you’d like to sign up, here is a handy dandy link to the sign up sheet.

As always, thank all of you for the never ending support you show me.



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