Do You Remember The Shooting?

While I am going to be throwing more real-life stuff at you this year, I will be trying to space it out a little more. Sorry for two angry political posts in one week, but I’m getting them out of my system. If it makes you better, this won’t be a very long post.

D’you, remember what happened in Vegas? Here’s a fun fact, as of December 20th, there’d been 59,307 acts of gun violence in America.

I like guns. I was on the rifle team in high school. You know what I don’t like? Bump stocks, semi-automatics, automatics, gun show loopholes and gun stores that ignore standing gun laws to make a buck. I also don’t like innocent dead people who were just seeing a concert, going to a movie, going to school or walking down the street.

Hey, you know who might have forgotten about Vegas? Your local politicians and state officials. Maybe you should give them a call or write to them. Ask them what they’re doing about these attacks. If they tell you, or if you believe yourself that this is a mental health issue and not a gun control issue, then feel free to ask them what they’re doing about that instead. Here’s a link to find contact information for your local representative. Because it shouldn’t take a tragedy to remind us that something needs to be done about this.

I hope you all stay safe.


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