Virus launches today!

It’s the official launch day for Virus!

I feel like I’ve done a lot of launch days in the last few years, and they never stop being exciting.

We’re having a Facebook launch party tonight, in case you missed it. Here’s a link to the party.

And, just in case you haven’t read them yet, here are links to the first three chapters of Virus. So if you just found me, this is what the fuss is about. Episode One is right here, and here’s Episode Two and Three.

Don’t forget, Seeming and You Can’t Trust The AI are both on sale for 99 cents for the week. This will be the last time they’ll be on sale until the holidays. So grab them now.

I’m so glad that you’ve come with me this far in Sennett and Godfrey’s story. There’s so much more to come.


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