I kind of screwed up

I try to be on top of things. Most of the time, I am. I work hard, and I hope that I put out content and stories that you all enjoy.

Sometimes, though, I can’t be on top of everything. Sometimes I just screw up.

Most of the time I catch issues before you, my wonderful readers, find out. This time, though, a book got into the world with a pretty big issue.

Virus, the third novella in the Station 86 series, was accidentally published without episode eighteen.

This is the bad side of being an indie author, there’s no one there to catch this shit if I miss it.

Here’s the good side, however. I have updated Virus on Amazon, to now have the proper episode eighteen. And, as an apology to all of my awesome readers, I’m making Virus free from now until September 26th.

Here is your link

Again, I’m sorry. I hope that you all love the Station 86 series as much as I love writing it. Station Central, book four will be out soon.

Oh, and I might as well take this time to tell you that I’ve made Seeming, book one in Station 86, free forevor. Here’s your link for that. Please feel free to share it far and wide.

Thank you as always for reading. Hope you’re having a great weekend.


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