Eight fantasy stories that should be on the screen

Unpopular opinion, I hate Game of Thrones. Yeah, I said it, fight me on it. I read all the books up until Dances With Dragons, of which I read half before I just couldn’t take it anymore. Spoiler: nothing good happens. Everyone you love dies or gets maimed including the animal companions. Everyone sacrifices their principles at the slightest reason, everyone gets raped and rapes other people. And George RR Martin is way too fond of telling us when someone pisses themselves. Brandon Sanderson and Robert Jordan never need to tell us when someone pisses themselves.

Even so, I’m really glad that lots of people do like Game of Thrones. I love that people watch it and that it makes a ton of money. Because of that, some fantasy books that I really loved got picked up as shows. If you haven’t watched Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix, go do it right now. I’ll wait. And when you’re done, go watch American Gods. Damn, that was good.

Other shows are in production right now that I’m really excited about. Good Omens is getting a tv show, and so is Lord Of The Rings. And my husband won’t stop talking about the Wheel of Time show that’s on its way. It’s slow, painfully slow, way.

But, as a fantasy fan, I want more. We always want more, don’t we? Even the constant stream of comic hero movies hasn’t been enough to satisfy me, because they haven’t gotten to the stories that I really want to see.

So, here’s a list of the top eight fantasy series and comic book storylines that I want to see on the big or small screen.

Beka Cooper, TV show

Okay, this series is basically a cop drama, but with magic and a main character who talks to ghosts on pigeons. Oh, and she has a talking cat and a pet dog. A pet scent dog, who is police trained. Who the hell wouldn’t watch this?

Wolverine and The X-Men, TV show

Yes, I know that there is a show called Wolverine and The X-men, but they got it all wrong. The comic series is about Logan and Kitty Pride running the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning. Pride has a dragon friend named Lockheed, there are little blue demons called Bamfs running all over the place, and there’s a frighteningly powerful telepath named Quentin Quire, mutant name Kid Omega, who has a snarky father-son relationship with Logan. I don’t know about you, but I feel ripped off that this wasn’t the comic we got.

Neverwhere, movie

Yes, this was a tv show, and Benedict Cumberbatch was even in it. But this isn’t the kind of thing that’s a good tv show. There just wasn’t enough of the source material to stretch to a show. This would be an epic movie, though. With London Below and London Above done in different color schemes, of course. This would be an incredible movie, and I want to know why no one’s bought the rights.

The Killing Joke, Batman, Movie

I don’t know how this hasn’t been made into a movie already. (I also don’t know how the only Batgirl I’ve seen in any of the movies was Alicia Silverstone in Batman and Robin, but that’s another thing altogether.)

The Killing Joke is maybe my favorite Batman storyline ever. It’s Joker trying to prove that it would only take one bad day to make anyone like him, even Commissioner Gordon. And so he kidnaps him and makes him look at pictures of his daughter, Barbara (Batgirl), bleeding out after the Joker shot her through her stomach. If you ever wondered how she became Oracle, that’s how.

Really, how did we get that terrible Batman-Superman movie instead of this?

Mistborn, tv show

I really think this could easily be a six-season show, at least. The first book is basically a heist novel disguised as a fantasy novel. (Those are the words of the author, Brandon Sanderson, by the way.) That by itself is fascinating. The characters are all endearing, the world is magnificent. And the way the magic is handled in this world is probably one of my favorites. Also, I would love to see Matt Damon as Kelsier. Just saying.

X-Men and Avengers Phoenix Five, movie

So, the X-Men cartoon from when I was a kid did deal with the original Phoenix Saga. So I don’t think it’s beyond the bounds of the imagination for them to deal with the Phoenix Five.

Picture this; the Phoenix power comes back to Earth, but instead of imbuing one person with its crazy world-destroying powers, it gets five people. Emma Frost, Cyclops, Magik, Colossus and Namor. We all know that most of those characters are fan favorites. Oh, and it causes a huge rift between the Avengers and the X-Men that leads to the Avengers Vs. X-Men storyline. Actually, that’s another one I’d like to see.

Phantom Tollbooth, movie

But not the crappy version they already tried to make. Because man, that was bad. And I’m sorry, but if they can make a movie out of Wrinkle in Time, they should be able to make a movie out of Phantom Tollbooth. (Here’s another unpopular opinion, I hate Wrinkle in Time.) Imagine seeing the word market on the big screen. Or the creepy ass Terrible Trivium. That would be amazing.

Dragonriders of Pern, movie

I’m going to just keep right on talking about Pern until everyone in the world loves it as much as I do. How have we not had a single movie about this book series?

I mean, first off we all love dragons. And this world is dark but in a really magical way. There’s space travel, and time magic, and a badass female lead character. This could easily be a Summer blockbuster. Just don’t let Michael Bay direct it. He’s ruined enough of my childhood loves.

So, what fantasy story or comic book would you love to see on the big or small screen? Because we’re never satisfied as fantasy fans, and that’s just how it should be.

Magic, dragons and two countries battling for dominance. And that’s just the start. Devon, missing stitches-001Sultiana, Victor and Lenore live in a world where magic is as common as turning a pot or knitting a shawl. Men’s magic comes from metal, women from thread.

Devon and Lenore are Mestonies, the ruling family of Septa. The family rose to power generations ago by defeating a dark church that had enslaved the people. King Octavian the first believed that the Monks of the Silent Path were defeated.

He was wrong.

This enemy has returned, to destroy the Mestonie family and take control of Septa back. And they’ve begun by kidnapping Lenore’s daughters.

Devon must find the girls with their father, Victor, while Lenore and Devon’s wife, Sultiana, lead their armies in a war on the very boardwalks of Septa. But can Lenore fight for her city without losing her unborn son? Can Devon save the princesses from the Monks? Or will the city finally fall in the conclusion of Woven?

Get it now.

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