The best fantasy creatures part three

I did part one and part two of this little series last month. Like most things I write these days, it grew. It was supposed to just be one blog post, and it grew into two. Then, I made the mistake of telling my husband what I was writing.

His response; how could you write an entire two blog posts like that and not include this other list of characters?

So, I felt obliged to share some more fantasy creatures with you all. If you missed part one or part two, you can check them out here.

Now, onto part three.

The Tardis from Doctor Who

She’s more than just a ship, and she’s probably the best relationship that The Doctor has ever had. She’s got a serious attitude and decides whether someone is trustworthy or not in a moment. And she’s never wrong.

Of course, there was the one episode that she took on human form. And she was crazy, charming, and everything you’d expect a constant companion of a crazy Timelord.

Boo from Baldur’s Gate

Full disclosure, I don’t like hamsters. But I do like Boo because he’s not a normal hamster. He’s a miniature giant space hamster. Through the game, he squeaks when you try to pick him up, and he goes for the eyes in battle. He’s a constant loving companion to his master, Minsc.

Hoppy Wheel of Time

Hoppy is one of many wolves befriended by the character Perrin as his abilities with wolves increases. He’s a happy, laughing animal that continues to be a bright spot through the whole series.

What struck me the most about this character was that he didn’t exhibit the sort of loyalty you’d expect from a dog. That’s the blind, unshakable devotion of an animal that thinks you are the world. A wolf, much like a cat, does not see you as their master. They are equal, at best. And there is a mutual respect there.

That’s the relationship between Hoppy and Perrin. This is not a pet, this is an ally on four paws. And a great one.

The loyal bowtruckle from Fantastic Beasts

This creature made me cry. It loves Newt so freaking much that I had to include it even though I already included a Harry Potter creature. This bowtruckle loved Newt and wanted to hang out with him all the time. And because of that, for such a good cause but such a terrible price, Newt almost trades him away. But this little scrapper gets right back to him, and no hard feelings. He just loves him, unconditionally. And Newt loves him, right back.

But now I want to hear from you. Did I still miss some fantastic fantasy creatures? Let us know in the comments below.

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